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Brunette Technologies, LLC, provides training, consulting, customization, and implementation services worldwide for AutoCAD Electrical software. Owner Randy Brunette serves companies large and small, in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.

Randy is one of the world’s foremost experts in the software, having used Autodesk products for over 30 years. He creates custom training materials and professional presentations on a variety of subjects. He is a top-rated instructor at Autodesk Universities, Tech Camps and other training events.

Being a former electrical designer myself, I truly understand the tasks that my customers are facing. AutoCAD Electrical is an exceptional tool and I enjoy being able to help companies evolve in the disruptive marketplace, with more efficient and accurate designs.

- Randy


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Randy’s AutoCAD Electrical implementation provides 20% or greater gains over standard AutoCAD. Some gains in both efficiency and accuracy will happen immediately, with improvement in workflows and report generation. Significant improvements of well over 40% are obtained as implementation matures, typically in the span of 3-4 projects, or 2-3 months of use.

He conducts both User and CAD Manager training, creating onsite experts. Brunette Technologies provides individualized in person or online assistance.

Legacy conversion is available for those companies switching from either paper drawings, other electrical software schematics or any version AutoCAD Electrical. Randy also helps with template creation. Your company can use the software with ease when his work is complete.

Brunette Technologies will give you complete documentation of the entire process. Randy provides detailed and unambiguous guides to all completed work. Just follow the user instructions provided and you will enjoy the AutoCad Electrical experience.

Common implementation work includes:

  • Understanding the WD.ENV.
  • Setting Project and Drawings Settings
  • Title block setup

Through legacy conversion, I turn non-AutoCAD Electrical drawings into intelligent, reusable projects for your use.

- Randy

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Proper implementation allows Brunette Technologies to understand the specific details and workflow of your business, offering tailored usage recommendations. AutoCAD resellers regularly contact Randy for assistance in customizing the software for either their own business or those of their clients.

Certain ECAD symbols in the software library are more relevant to your business. Users will easily access custom created symbols, which are added right to your AutoCAD Electrical icon menu.

To provide automation tools and efficiency, Randy and his team are fluent in multiple programming languages including LISP, .NET, C# and script files.

Did you know automatic reports can be saved to create multiple different types of reports, using multiple different formats, saved to multiple types of outputs, all with a single, simple command operation?

- Randy


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Substation Design Suite

The SDS Toolkit from Spatial Business Systems provides specialized functions for the substation design industry. Randy explains how to optimize your design process by using it with AutoCAD Electrical. Training and consulting are provided through both implementation and legacy conversion processes.

Randy is exceptionally qualified to consult in this field:

  • Worked as a Senior Electrical Designer, wiring panels, programming PLC’s and testing machines
  • Founding member of the SDS Consortium, over 70 power companies that work standardizing the substation design industry
  • Served as technical adviser on the Protection & Controls Committee since its inception

Since the companies do not compete with one another, I really love the way data and workflows are shared in the SDS Consortium.

- Randy

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Brunette Technologies shows you the most effective interface of AutoCAD Electrical to AutoCAD Inventor, providing a seamless exchange of data between your mechanical and electrical designers. With the use of Inventor’s AnyCAD functionality, you can even interface electrical designs with other mechanical design systems such as NX, ProE, or Solidworks. Other benefits include:

  • Improved workflow and efficiency of the product design process
  • Reduced or eliminated cost of design changes that get “missed” during the obsolete separation of the two design processes.

An understanding of both 3D part design and schematic design is key to this field. When space is at a premium, the electrical requirements for wires and cables can be planned for during the design process. You don’t want to squeeze them in later. Randy’s electro-mechanical experience gives you the best knowledge which greatly improves:

  • Layout and space requirement analysis process
  • Consistency and documentation of wiring when multiples of the same design are created.
  • Harness creation

Not just design tools, but design solutions!

- Randy


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Randy has worked in a variety of industries that gave him the ability and knowledge to understand a multitude of issues. His skill is matched by his work ethic. He was manager of a restaurant at 19, worked as an auto mechanic while in technical college, right up to complex electrical schematic work in more recent years, including:

  • Packaging and conveyor design
  • Automatic welding machine design
  • Paper converting machine design

Randy Brunette got his start in mechanical design, working for a small company. He became their self-taught electrical schematic engineer. He went on to work for an AutoCAD Reseller. When he wanted to learn more about the software, the boss said the company would pay for Autodesk University training if Randy became an instructor there… which he did. He teaches AutoCAD Electrical through Autodesk University to this day, in fact.

Randy started Brunette Technologies, LLC in 2003. He became the sole proprietor of a successful consulting business, focusing on AutoCAD Electrical and related products such as Autodesk Inventor and Vault. He also consulted for AutoDesk, authoring some of their official training content.

Hired by Autodesk in 2012, he trained sales and support staff teams, helping them surpass their sales quotas. Autodesk still uses his services, now that his focus is with Brunette Technologies.

Randy provides some of the best AutoCAD Electrical services available. If it is a machine and it moves, you should use AutoCAD Electrical software. And if you need help, connect with Brunette Technologies.

My manufacturing experience in engineering and drafting departments provides me with a unique understanding of design and workflow processes. When working with clients, I uncover the desired workflow and provide solutions that meet their unique requirements.

- Randy


Customer Testimonials

"Mr. Brunette is extremely knowledgeable with the AutoCAD Electrical software. Easy going. Makes the subject interesting. Enthusiastic."
- Jose, CAD Designer -
"Randy and Brutec are an instrumental partner in helping to deliver highly automated Substation Design Solutions with SBS and SDS."
- Trevor Scullion -
- Director of Substation Solutions -
- Spatial Business Systems -
"Some people can’t come down to the beginner’s level in order to teach effectively, but Randy did."
- Kim, Sr. CAD Designer -
"Good job! I honestly can’t think of anything for improvement on Randy’s part."
- Pete, AutoCAD Support Specialist -
"The instructor took the time to show me how to tailor the software for my needs and standards."
- Brad, CAD Designer -
"Excellent! This course was customized to the material we wanted to cover. The instructor was flexible and willing to cover any and all information we requested."
- Chris, Electrical Designer -

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